Medcom has been established as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) on 10-10-2010 with a total authorized capital of 300 million EGP. and issued capital of 30 million EGP. aiming to transform its legal entity to a medical insurance company, as soon as the law would allow the existence of specialized insurance companies.
Therefore, Medcom is the core of the future medical insurance company,
Among its facilities are:

  • •  Cashless facility in Hospitals/ Pharmacy Stores/Diagnostic Centers/General Practitioners.
  • •  Hospital & out-patient Network across Egypt.
  • •  Prompt Pre-authorization Processing.
  • •  24 \ 7 Call Center.
  • •  Professional & skilled team of personnel in the field of Management, Enrollment, Claims, Medicine, Information Technology, Human       Resource, Client Services, Finance & Audit.
  • •  Reimbursement option

Medcom is committed to develop a more customer-friendly healthcare market designed for individuals and corporate entities. In that, tools and incentives have to been developed to make better use of healthcare services.

 Core of Business

Medcom is a key link between re-insurance, healthcare providers and policyholders. It provides a variety of set medical plans, as well as tailored ones at affordable prices. It helps its members meet their specific needs without having to bear unnecessary additional premiums for extra unneeded covers.
Therefore Medcom is committed to:

  • Offer Individual, married, single parent, as well as family packages allowing to keep healthcare subscriptions under control (Coming Soon).
  • Provide volume discounts and other price incentives for groups & corporate entities.
  • Organize access and coverage for hospitalization, medical services, prescribed drugs, medical devices and diagnostic testing at the best possible cost.
  • Propose a variety of deductibles/sub-limits to encourage members to acquire insurance cover at affordable premiums.

The products are continuously updated to incorporate market changes and developments.


MedCom is placed as a first choice healthcare service provider in the Egyptian market for corporate as well individuals through various healthcare plans and products meet all-time market needs, a large geographical nationwide network and excellent customer satisfaction experience.


Change the face of the Egyptian healthcare service by introducing nationwide unique healthcare service available for the community, ensure of diversified medical care plans & products applicable for all society levels.